Moveable Feast - The Remasters: Deluxe Edition

Moveable Feast - The Remasters: Deluxe Edition

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Released in December 2016 this 4 CD collection of live material covers 2 shows and 2 keyboard players. The first show was recorded at the Substage, Karlsruhe on 25th October 2013 with Steve Vantsis- bass, Gavin Griffiths – drums, Robin Boult – guitars and Tony Turrell on keyboards. Supporting the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Feast of Consequences’ album the setlist debuted songs from the new album together with a wide collection of tracks from across Fish’s career.

Both the set lists and band members would change before the second show on this title. At the Posthalle, Wurzburg on 29th October nearly a year later Foss Paterson had been replaced by John Beck (It Bites) and the entire ‘High Wood’ suite from ‘Feast of Consequences’ was performed for the first time on stage.

Both shows include an array of ‘Marillion’ era songs across the 2 very different set lists and both gigs are indicative of the incredible receptions Fish received on this memorable tour. The multitrack recordings are mixed and mastered by Calum Malcolm.

The 4 CD’s come in a 20-page hardback book with over 4000 words of sleeve notes written by Fish, a collection of concert and backstage photos and artwork and design by Mark Wilkinson.
Karlsruhe, Substage 25th October 2013
1. Perfume River ( Dick, Vantsis) 10.46
2. Feast of Consequences (Dick Vantsis, Boult) 4.48
3. Script for a Jester's Tear (Dick, Rothery, Kelly,Trewavas, Pointer) 9.54
4. Dark Star (Dick, Vantsis) 7.45
5. All Loved Up (Dick, Vantsis,Boult) 5.04
6. What Colour is God? (Dick,Wilson) 6.36
7. Blind to the Beautiful (Dick, Vantsis, Boult) 9.35
8. Mr 1470 (Dick, Paterson, Boult) 6.02
9. He Knows You Know (Dick, Rothery, Kelly, Trewavas, Minnett, Jelliman, Pointer) 6.12
Total 66.43

1. Crucifix Corner (Dick, Paterson) 7.48
2. The Gathering (Dick, Paterson) 4.32
3. Thistle Alley (Dick, Vantsis, Boult) 6.33
4. Assassing (Dick, Rothery, Kelly, Trewavas, Mosley) 2.29
5. Credo (Dick, Simmonds, Usher, Boult) 3.52
6. Tongues (Dick, Simmonds, Usher , Boult) 2.54
7. Assassing (reprise) (Dick, Rothery, Kelly, Trewavas,
Mosley) 3.29
8. Drum solo
9. Fugazi (Dick, Rothery, Kelly, Trewavas, Mosley) 1.58
10. White Feather (Dick, Rothery, Kelly, Trewavas, Mosley) 2.09
11. View From a Hill (Dick, Gers) 2.37
12. Freaks (Dick, Rothery, Kelly, Trewavas, Mosley) 5.10
13. Lucky (Dick, Simmonds, Boult) 8.26
14. The Company (Dick, Simmonds) 5.13
Total 58.38
All songs Fishy Music Ltd/ Copyright control except
CD1 tracks 3/9 and CD 2 tracks 4/7/9/10 Charisma Music Publishing Ltd/ EMI Music Publishing Ltd
Wurzburg, , Posthalle 29th October 2014
1. Perfume River ( Dick, Vantsis) 11.33
2. Feast of Consequences (Dick, Vantsis, Boult) 4.24
3. Manchmal (Dick, Vantsis) 5.39
4. Arc Of The Curve (Dick, Vantsis) 5.43
5. High Wood (Dick, Paterson) 5.17
6. Crucifix Corner (Dick, Paterson) 7.25
7. The Gathering (Dick, Paterson) 4.30
8. Thistle Alley (Dick, Paterson, Boult) 6.40
9. The Leaving (Dick, Paterson) 5.10
Total 56.19
1. Slainthe Mhath (Dick, Mosley, Kelly, Trewavas, Rothery) 5.26
2. Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors (Dick, Simmonds) 14.12
3. Big Wedge (Dick, Simmonds) 6.09
4. Heart Of Lothian (Dick, Mosley, Kelly, Trewavas, Rothery) 4.38
5. Incubus (Dick, Mosley, Kelly, Trewavas, Rothery) 10.20
6. The Company (Dick, Simmonds) 4.59
Total: 45.44