A Feast of Consequences - Vinyl Deluxe Set 3LP

A Feast of Consequences - Vinyl Deluxe Set 3LP

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180 gsm heavy black triple 2023 Remaster vinyl boxset limited edition of 5000 copies.

The ‘Feast of Consequences’ triple album box set track list contains 3 sides featuring the original studio album from 2012 and 3 sides of live material from ‘Moveable Feast’ released on CD in 2016 plus the previously unreleased live version of ‘The Great Unravelling’. All the tracks on this collection were remastered in 2022 by Calum Malcolm. Studio album mastered at half speed by Barry Grint at Alchemy Studio (same high quality mastering as 'Weltschmerz').

The 16-page full colour booklet contains 11000 words of sleeve notes by Fish, the complete lyrics, original illustrations by Mark Wilkinson, personal photos from the recording sessions and tour all designed by Steve Vantsis at SV Design.

Side 1 

Perfume River         High Wood              Crucifix Corner

Side 2

The Gathering         Thistle Alley        The Leaving        The Other Side of Me

Side 3

A Feast of Consequences             All Loved Up             Blind to the Beautiful 

The Great Unravelling

Side 4 

Perfume River     (live from Wurzburg Posthalle 29/10/2014)

All Loved Up   Blind to the Beautiful  (Live from Karlsruhe Substage 25/10/2013)

Side 5

A Feast of Consequences     High Wood     Crucifix Corner       The Gathering

(Live from Wurzburg Posthalle 29/10/2014)

Side 6

Thistle Alley    The Leaving    (live from Wurzburg Posthalle 29/10/2014)

The Great Unravelling            (Live from Bristol O2 13/12/17)